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Now introducing Isaiah Grass, a former American Idol contestant, who has become the newest on-air personality to hit the airwaves on Top 40 radio. With his unique blend of talent, dynamic voice tone, and charismatic personality, he is sure to grab your attention! Please welcome him as our new radio host at Energy 90.5FM (Mon – Thurs.) You can now listen to him on the airwaves, and streaming online worldwide.
Before gracing the airwaves as a radio host, Isaiah Grass originally started as a singer / songwriter. Throughout his career, he’s made TV appearances on FOX, ABC, WGN, NBC, and CW, just to mention a few. A variety of magazines, online media, and newspapers have featured him. His music has received airplay on Top 40 radio, won awards, and ranked #1 on Reverbnation Pop Charts. He’s collaborated with the U.S Army’s Golden Knights, White Sox, Toyota, Express, Rhythmic Rebellion, Focus Feature Films, among several others for sponsorships, advertisements, and influencer campaigns. To make a positive impact in the world he has partnered with charity organizations (The Salvation Army, NAMI, Music Beats Cancer, Songs of Love, food shelters, and children’s hospitals.)
Isaiah Grass has a voice that resonates, a heart of compassion, and endless determination which leaves a long – lasting impression to anyone he meets. With over 250k followers combined, 1.5 million website visits, a feature on CAMEO, and over 10+ TV appearances, he continues to grow his audience worldwide. 
Checkout “The Isaiah Grass Show” now syndicated in several markets in 2024. 

Learn more on his website –
Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok – @IsaiahGrass

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